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From the hustle of the streets hitting pavement on the next project at work to the adventure of a holiday in a foreign country, we’re all looking for serenity. Even on vacation, how do we tap into serenity on vacation still cringing on what was left behind and what will eventually come once we get back? How do we get to serenity? Like the old saying goes… “No matter where I go, there I be”. So perhaps the truest secret lies in the moments. Creating the right moment to relieve tension on a train, plane, or automobile can be triggered by many factors. It doesn't even need to be on the way to a vacation, but perhaps the transitional moments between leaving work and coming home. The moments of transition is the best time to tap into serenity. One of the best ways is by the basic senses of human experience - the sense of smell.

It's no secret that the sense of smell is a powerful instrument. Association of a specific scent can lead anyone to a memory of the past. Certain scents even have the most subtle physiological effects on the body. A colleague expressed the power of the scent using Rhino Guard coffee insert in his surgical mask, proclaiming it helped him stay awake throughout a night shift. "Forget the benefit of added protection against hospital bugs or masking the pseudomonas odor of sputum. I loved the fact I got through a 12 hour shift feeling awake and not having to be dehydrated intaking coffee all night. Rhino Guard insert coffee seriously helped me stay awake to get through my rounds without feeling tired", he admitted. It's not really that surprising Rhino Guard coffee insert has such an effect. Psychologically we all have some sort of association with coffee to wakefulness, which can trigger physiological chemistry for the body to responds accordingly.

Rhino Guard inserts do have the added benefit of protecting against airborne microorganisms, but just like an oil defuser and scented candle, Rhino Guard insert lavender has been known to really help with decreasing nauseation and stress. In particular people sensitive to specific odor Rhino Guard inserts really get them through their chores and task in ever day daily activities such as cleaning the house or just taking out odorous trash. Serenity can be found given the right methods, even when your not on vacation and doing a job that has been following you like a dark cloud.

"There's a lot of people that use eastern medicine and millions of people who use aroma therapy can't be that wrong", stated a holistic practitioner. However, the practice of aroma therapy is far from new to the western world with the popularity of scented body lotions, soaps, and even perfumes or body sprays. Don't take my word for it, there are plenty of businesses out there that bank on the business of aroma therapy. There are plenty of spas and Bed Bath and Beyond stores out there to prove that point. To go further than what some would say is pseudoscience, there has been recent meta-analysis that measures how aromatherapy with co-treatments have effectively reduce the real human experience of pain. In practice, many people can say having to deal with odors completing a task can be quite painful.

So what's the secret life to serenity? If one is in the habit of living that state of mind it comes easier. Finding some aid like wearing a Rhino Guard insert in a mask while walking to work or lighting a scented candle while bathing keeps you in the habit of tapping in or being in the state of serenity, it's a life best lead. Perhaps the first secret is the will and the want of your mind to be in serenity. -a-

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