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Rhino Guard


Founders David Emery (Creator & COO), Angel Bontigao (Creator & CEO), and Deborah Turnbull (CFO)

Rhino Guard is a product of Innerlusion, inc. made to block odors while leaving the user with a more pleasing scent. Various scents such as coffee, lavender, mint, and eucalyptus are Rhino Guards classics. Rhino Guard inserts give more protection to the end user as well as block and mask odors. Rhino Guard is easy to apply, disposable,  made from all natural ingredients to help neutralize, filter and mask odors. With patent pending technology, Rhino Guard is designed in California and manufactured in the USA.

The team of Innerlusion, inc. is currently enhancing the Rhino Guard product line to expand the usability to extend aid to the end users. Soon to come, fusions of scents with fashion practicality are also being designed for variability. Innerlusion's mission is to design products and services with innovation for practical solutions, use, and comfort, while promoting wellness and education.

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